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Me in Amboseli NP, Kenya
Photo by my mother
Me, Eric Vaandering
Traveler, photographer, SCUBA diver,
scientist, & software developer
I live in Aurora, Illinois, 40 miles west of Chicago
My homepage is right here; you're looking at it
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About Me

I work at Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois on the CMS experiment at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. I travel quite a bit for work, including a few trips a year to Switzerland. You can find out more about my work on my work home page. I also blog on rare occasions on the (sometimes infuriating) technology in my life. You can find that on blogspot.

I also like to travel for fun. The more out of the way the place, the better. In the past a lot of my trips revolved around backpacking. These days, most of my trips involve SCUBA diving for part of the trip. When I take a long 2-3 week trip, I will usually dive for a week and do something else for the rest of the time. I also enjoy photography and you can see photos from many of my trips (and other things) on my photo pages. Or you could just visit my page on Flickr.

I've recently gotten into making videos, mostly of my underwater videography and photography. You can find those on either Vimeo or YouTube. The content should be mostly the same.

I wrote and develop DocDB, a collaborative document management system licensed under the GPL, a free software license. I also contract with users of DocDB to enhance the software to meet their needs

You can e-mail me at ericvaandering at